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On a late winter day Mr . Ken Vo (Thao) and Mr . Shodoshima Masanori ( The Master ) sit together in the office of the V – Heart ( Cocoro ) in Binh Duong and witness the construction workers are building the suites and rooms for student workers . The Master was very surprised how we can be in the room at a mere 10 m2 . And more surprised when he explained that in Saigon Discussion of student you also have to live up to 4 and 5, you are in a room like that .
” How can you have our students a learning environment and better lives ? ” Is the question posed between his team and Discussion . The two met in Hanoi talks to resolve that question , it is here that led to the birth of HQSV through unity and his Master’s Draft .

On sixth after preparation time HQSV was born and headquartered in St. 2 Dist . HCM and interim chief representative at the time was Mr . Pham Phu Thinh ( Pheo – Dubai ) . Start with the exam season activities ( TSMT ) in collaboration with the Center for Student Support City . HCM , and since then has grown steadily HQSV with many active members from the TSMT it .
Responding to the rapid growth of HQSV , then Mr . Vo Minh Phuoc ( Toad ) has to change and become the chief representative of HQSV second life . Under the guidance of the Blessed , HQSV has seen spectacular growth with strong performance .
These activities may include in this time Central Assistance to Typhoon No. 6 in 2006 , living with a disability orphans Pacific , late night story and many other extracurricular activities .

Continue under the leadership of Representative HQSV Phuoc has many social activities have been implemented .
At the center of Binh Duong orphanage , HQSV brothers have come to you not only see the flower ride , but the fun with the children , eat , and sleep with them can be said to have HQSV ” live ” with the and you become him , great sister .
Also during this time , HQSV has added new members and you have done so many colors for HQSV . But besides that there are some differences between the members of generation I and II should also occur internal problems are quite complex .
Also this year , Representative Phuoc had to leave for personal reasons should HQSV increasingly more difficult . Representative of the third world , Ms . Le Thi Mai ( Mai Kim He – Maihe ) instead HQSV Blessed helm amid confusion .
In that situation , the exam season program for 2007 at HQSV pretty bleak , however HQSV the strong support , along with support centers SV 140 relay for you in the Q. 3 and is the Chairman of the City People’s Committee . Ho Chi Minh certificate of merit .

HQSV trip headquarters to a new location at 192 Luong Dinh Q. 2 Dist . HCM . Here , you HQSV has welcomed the third generation of the typical face as Tuan ( Tuan – black ) , Jade ( Jade – It ) , Japan , South ( Okama ) , Hai … and then 1 time is the presence of Ca Dzuynh , cancer ….
At this stage , HQSV witnessed many changes in leadership . Ms . Ngo Thi Phuong ( Method – pig ) instead Mai become his chief representative of the fourth and then Ms . Truong Thi Ngoc ( Ngoc – it ) replaced as head of The Fifth HQSV represent life .
Social activities are concentrated in this year ‘s Central Tam Binh orphanage – Duc , here HQSV also collaborated with the Center organized recreation programs for more than 100 orphans here .
Besides international exchange activities are expanding strongly upon connection of Ms . Yen and his Shika . Had a lot of friends , Japanese friends to make friends with HQSV and thereby also help other people learn more .

Headquarters at 192 Luong Dinh Cua cleared up HQSV had to pause for a while . However, during this period continued HQSV the international exchange activities , the exam season at Fort White in Nha .
During this time , members pillars had to guerrilla activity , but because there is no spiritual headquarters HQSV is still good .

After a pause time HQSV have restarted the program , starting with the move to new locations in District 9 , with the financial situation of the Sixth Representative Mr lifetime . Khanh Hoang Nam ( Xipo ) , we have a spacious common house .
The exam season in 2010 did not achieve results as expected , but did support a modest number of contestants .
2010 marked the resounding tried tirelessly Number of Voting Center , the football on a regular basis and full , as people caught up in this sport of kings , many top games with many exchanges in your team … outside of sports clubs is very luxuriant .
Assembly Hall was also welcome and communicate with a young person from Japan , this is a long planning that we wish to develop , expand , expect to have many foreign friends again stopped in dream house to exchanges , where the culture opportunity ” conflict ” in the balance of youthful enthusiasm .
Charity reap success with a string of consecutive events in a number of places , through operations on the mount and the more we have a chance to share , empathy , play with the you at the center of disabilities , orphans , has certainly marked indelibly on each person , as well as the little fellow you join .
2010 HQSV welcome two new members : Cash and Net , the number is very limited , although a lot of planning .
Besides you graduate HQSVS 6 universities and colleges , marking a significant growth , and dedication to life after many years of book lights .

After another year of preparation , HQSV Japon was accompanied by the establishment of programs of study HQSV Japan has seen very successful start to the three you are Male , Force and Compliance went to Japan to study and become South HQSV chief representative of Japon .
Again HQSV headquarters moved to new location in Q. 9 , and Ms . Nguyen Cam Tien became his chief representative HQSV replace South Seventh went to Japan to study and chief representative HQSV Japon .
2011 Relay season marks the return of the spirit of strong clubs , Money , along with the advice of the Japanese and the participation of new friends made ​​TMST 2011 success in supporting candidates take the exam at City University – College . Ho Chi Minh City .

The exam season in 2011 , marking the return of the spirit of the restaurant , along with the money advisor Japan and the participation of new friends made ​​the exam season success
brilliant, you have support for 11 contestants University , College . 2011 HQSV , officially welcomed 14 new members you : Main ( Bi ) , Tung , Bom , Rock , Compliance , Fill Em , Business , Fun , Jade , Hong Anh , Thai , Cao , Hung Hoa .
Along with a new team you energetic , creative and social activities are promoted and achieved many successes : the fun with the children at the orphanage center defects Pacific , Cocoro , making cards fundraising gift ” Christmas For Kids ” at the Cancer Hospital .
In 10/ 2011, the Student Union shop with you Vo Ngoc Thuan to Japan to study . Restaurant Association continues to promote student exchange program with young people from Japan . This is an opportunity for young Vietnamese- Japanese meeting , learn the cultural and spiritual values ​​.

Ms Nguyen Thi Cam Tien Quan continued Student Leadership Conference . Social activities have stepped up and stepped into the curriculum in the classroom love Duc , donated clothes to send gifts to the poor fellow was also oMien China . Through social activities sticking solidarity , love shared between
the volunteers and the small in your heart .

2012 Vo Ngoc Thao to U.S. study program Master of Business Administration ( MBA ) and put the first brick for the Student Union Shop USA .
4/2012 , Master Team has arrived in Vietnam , you have members of the exchange , intimate talk with the group .
4/2012 , for the first time in the history of the shop there are 3 girls to Japan to study . It was Le Thi Mai , Ngo Thi Phuong and Ha Anh sister .
5/ 2012 Khanh Hoang Nam was honored as the representative of the Minami – Osaka speech in the new school year . This marked the first successful step of the way to study .
Program the exam season 2012 success with the enthusiasm and participation of the members of the restaurant you and your students from universities and colleges. fueled our 38 contestants . 9/ 2012 Student Union shop has continued to welcome 16 new members you : Hardcore , Blessed , Christian , Perpetual , Oanh , Kien , Finance , Gain , Khanh Thinh Vuong , Page , Giang , Hau , Hung , Spirit . 10/ 2012 Student Union shop you can add 3 to Japan to study: English Japanese , Spring , Fun , Bi and Korea . Sports activities of the shop is to promote , coordinate with your Phan Dinh Stone , the beautiful football game takes place every week attracted many members of your team and compete .

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